Upto 50% cheaper to run than your gas/ electric central heating systems
No noise, dust or vibration just simple healthy heat.

*Made with carbon fibre or toughened glass                                              
*They can be mounted on either the walls or ceilings                              
*Designer glass panels available                                                                    
*Heated bathroom mirrors available                                                                 
*Choice of coloured toughed glassUnlike boilers and fan heaters,

Infra Red panels have no moving parts. They have a long life and don't need maintenance. No Redwell unit has failed. They don't need flues, chimneys, pipes or storage tanks for fuel.

Better for you and for the environment

Infra red heaters are good for the environment and better for your health. Infrared waves are like the rays of the sun and are a natural form of warmth. They stimulate your metabolism and immune system. Infrared doesn't rely on convection to circulate warmth, so you won't feel draughts or chills. Disease and dust cannot spread and mould cannot form. IR heaters are "low electrosmog" devices. This means no harmful radiation.

Infared heaters can be plugged into a mains socket or hardwired to the fuse box.

Infrared heating works by directly heating walls, floors, things located in a room and a human body, instead of heating the air. Then heated objects release their heat into the environment.

Infrared heating creates the surroundings where the floor is warmer than the ceiling. Such method of heating is more pleasant to a human body than the convectional heating that heats the air and relies on air currents to spread the heat in the room.
What is Infared Heating?
Infared Heating Systems
*Can be hard wire fitted or just plug them into the mains socket
*Operate heating panels manually or by thermostat
*Picture heater panels available   
* The infared heating panels come with aluminium or wood frames
Clean Consistant Heating
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Infared Heating
Infrared heating products can convert about 90% of the electricity into the actual heat with minimal energy loss
For more information contact: infared@grantbrook.com

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