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Grantbrook Holdings (Pty) Ltd (GbH) is a young and versatile IT, Security Solutions and Services Provider.  ack of passion for the industry which has been driven by tough economic reforms that have seen people work for reward as opposed to passion IT Services & Solutions have never been at a vulnerable point as they are now. It is upon every company to make sure the ground work of their operations (IT) is covered and secure as EVERYTHING is now migrating to Cloud & WAN operations. Without a solid base most new innovations WILL suffer and hence it trickles down to YOU businesses performance. Short cuts now are due soon to come and bite. Our in house years of experience put together are what we count on to keep the clients rest assured that part of their business is a well oiled machine

IT Support Services 

At Grantbrook Holdings we have over 20 years of in house IT expertise. Our Services go beyond a reported number or voice on the other side of the line but we go the extra-mile to give you the best service 

Security & Access Control 

 In conjunction with our strategic partners we offer the best CCTV security and Access Control systems. View our Gallery for some of our OEM hardware that carries two year hardware warranty. That’s our belief in our brand

Time Management 

Every employer wants to get the best out of the cost to company every employer raises. A solid and stable Time Management Suite of software brings that reality closer. As a third tier to security systems in place it is also a way of accountability   

Strategic Partnerships

Over the years we have forged strategic partnerships with industry players that we have worked and partnered with to achieve and formulate solid solutions. We definitely do NOT do EVERYTHING under our own roof but we pride our selves in knowing THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT JOB. 

Our reputation relies on these partnerships and we work close with our partners to keep the standards